Healthcare Programs: Some Foundational Information

Healthcare is one of the few industries that continued to grow during the Great Recession and will continue to be one of the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. economy for many years to come. The many factors contributing to this boom include an aging population, advances in technology, and evolving legislation meant to combat present and future global health emergencies. A healthcare degree is one of the safest investments you can make in your future.

Another great reason to pursue a career in healthcare is that there are high-paying jobs at every educational level. For example, to become a registered nurse requires an associate’s degree and licensure, and the average salary range is $60-70,000 a year. Radiation therapists require the same level of education and can earn $80K or more. Specialists with advanced degrees easily earn six figures. Often, there’s more to a healthcare degree than just the education though. Certifications and/or licenses are usually required before a professional can begin practicing medicine, and these often need to be refreshed at least every few years. A healthcare degree is just the beginning of a lifelong commitment to education for those who work in this field. 

Since there is such a variety of disciplines and areas of practice that fall under the general term of healthcare, it’s almost impossible to describe a general career path. Instead, it’s better to think in terms of the key skills that make a woman or man successful as a healthcare professional. For instance, the ability to empathize with people in crisis is crucial; not only does this include bedside manner, but also a concern for the health of the public in general, and the desire to help people live healthier lives. Organizational skills are a necessity as well, particularly for those who want to work in high-pressure situations like emergency rooms, ambulances, and urgent care facilities. Add to this list both problem solving and communication, plus an aptitude for math, chemistry, and other scientific disciplines.

Not all healthcare professionals will be working directly with the public. There are also many administrative and management positions available in hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes, and more. Administrators and managers ensure proper implementation and policies within the organizations and stay current on legislation relating to the healthcare industry. Public health is another career option, especially for those who are excited about educating communities about healthy behaviors or doing field research. You might influence public policy on such issues as nutrition, child health, infectious diseases, addiction, or a number of other areas.

Make no mistake: a healthcare career is hard work. It requires both emotional and physical stamina, a commitment to continuing education, and the strength to care for others – even when they show little or no regard for their own health. If you can handle these challenges though, the rewards are even greater: excellent pay and benefits, job security, and almost endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. 



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