A Career Diploma Gets You Into the Workforce Earning a Higher Salary Fast

Getting an education is always the right decision. However, traditional degree paths aren’t always the best fit. For some – especially those who have a specific job in mind and want to get working in their industry right away – a career diploma might be the way to go. These are also known as certificates of completion and certificates of achievement, and usually take no more than a year or two to finish, though there are some options that take only a few weeks. Whatever the name, they are an efficient path to employment (though we will refer to them as career diplomas in this article).

Career diplomas are earned by those who finish postsecondary vocational or technical training. They are different from college degrees in several ways, the most important being that they bypass the general education classes and liberal arts requirements of other schools and colleges. Programs are designed to teach a person exactly what they need to know to find work in a pre-determined role as fast as possible. 

Educational programs are balanced between hands-on training and real-world experience. Classrooms resemble the workplaces that students aspire to find employment in after graduation so they can immediately put the day’s lessons into practice. Reputable vocational and/or technical schools (the institutions that usually award career diplomas) will also have agreements set up with local companies and business owners that provide students with apprenticeship and internship opportunities. On top of all this, job placement should be a top priority for the administration of a vo-tech college. In fact, statistics relating to the number of graduates that find immediate, gainful employment should be readily available to prospective students.

These are some of the industries that most often hire graduates with career diplomas:

  • Business: Career diplomas in this field include accounting assistant and business management, with classes like payroll accounting and business mathematics. These degrees lead to roles as payroll clerks, accounting clerks, and office managers. There are plentiful online options for earning these degrees.
  • Health Care: Have you ever thought about being the person who assesses and resolves operation room complications? If so, a career diploma in surgical technology is what you’re looking for. A pharmacy technician assists pharmacists dispensing prescriptions and also performs administrative duties. No matter which area of health care you pursue, you can expect to take courses like medical terminology and pharmacology. There are online options, but the nature of these degrees will require some physical attendance as well.
  • Technical and Industrial: Consider how quickly our country would simply stop working if not for diesel and heavy equipment technicians, or how much more costly and stressful it might be to buy a house without home inspectors. These are just two of the many examples of career diplomas that can be earned in this field. Obviously, a diesel and heavy equipment technician would need to physically attend classes, but home inspectors might be able to earn their degrees online.

If you’re looking for a new start, career diplomas are an affordable, efficient option for getting to work in the job of your choice fast.


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